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Foreign currency loans

Consumers were misled about the real nature of the loan sold by banks, in particular on the exchange rate risks that were involved when taking out a loan. Risky loans were in particular sold to consumers for their mortgages. Some consumers were offered these loans because, according to the banks, they did not have sufficient creditworthiness for a home-currency mortgage. However, anecdotal evidence from the courts (including statements by former bank employees) show that bank employees were encouraged to sell foreign currency loans.

A large number of Slovenian banks were involved. This is a list of providers brought to court by the Slovenian Consumers’ Association (ZPS) and the association of Swiss currency loan holders: Abanka,Addiko Bank (former Hypo Alpe-Adria Bank), BKS bank, NKBM bank, NLB bank, Probanka, Sberbank (former Volksbank), SKB (owned by Societe Generale), Sparkasse, Unicredit (former Bank Austria).

Court cases are still ongoing.